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Sales Trainning in Every 2 Weeks


To raise the WOW service level to all of our clients, we decide to have our sales teams trainned in every 2 weeks, we believe, the best sales service is the foundation of high quality POP displays and WOW brands.
Here below is the conclusions we get at 1st sales trainning on 28th March.

1. Speak sincerely.

Only sincere people can win trust. First of all, we should start from the company's customer base, industry, enterprise scale and other factors, understand as much upstream resources as possible, and communicate with customers from the general situation, so that customers feel that we are professional. Secondly, when we chat with the company manager, we need to understand the person's temper and hobbies. If the person is busy, after you define the customer as a prospective customer, you can also click on the sidelines to make some sweet words and learn from their assistants or colleagues. I think when you understand this, it will definitely help your sales. It is said that before the American President Washington meets with a guest, the first night must be based on the person’s hobbies. Why not do it!

2. Give customers a reason to buy.

The key to the final transaction is to grasp the needs and affordability of customers from time to time, and to appreciate the mentality of customers. In many cases, we did a lot of things and wasted a lot of time, but in the end, we hit the door. A small company obviously only hires one or two people, but we have been talking with him for a year from start to finish. This will inevitably increase the difficulty of the final deal and also bring bad influence to the customers. Sometimes we are too eager for quick success and quick gains. When the customer has agreed or acquiesced, we often have a little emotion when it is not fulfilled, so that there will be obstacles to communication with the customer. We must know that the work we do is actually sales, but there are actually more elements in service.


3. How to cleverly influence others

The first step in getting people to do things as you wish is to find out what motivates them to do it (that is, what they want). Tell others what they want to hear and they will be moved. You simply need to explain to them that after doing what you ask them to do, they can get what they want. The way to "understand what people think" is: ask more, observe more, listen more, plus your own unremitting efforts.

4. How to persuade others cleverly

When you say something beneficial to yourself, people usually doubt what you and what you say, which is a manifestation of human instinct. A better way is: Don’t just say it directly, but quote other people’s words and let others speak for you, even if they are not there. Therefore, speak through the mouth of a third party.

5. How to cleverly make others make decisions

A. Tell people why they want to agree with you. Tell people that they will benefit by doing what you say, not yourself.

B. Ask questions that can only be answered with "right". However, care should be taken to ask these "right" questions appropriately. In other words, when you ask such questions, you should nod your head and start your question with "you".

C. Let people choose one of the two "goods". The trick is to let them choose one of your two "cans."

D. Expect people to say "Yes" to you and let them know that you expect them to answer in the affirmative.


6. Let the customer know that he is not the only one who bought this product

People have a herd mentality. When recommending a product, the business person tells the customer that some companies or companies that are similar or the same as him have bought this product, especially his competitors bought this product. This not only shocked him psychologically, but also enhanced his desire to buy. According to experience, when the company buys the same type of product, it will definitely buy more advanced products than its competitors, and use this to dampen the morale of the other party.

7. Enthusiastic salespersons are the easiest to succeed.

Don't just say that I will send you a quotation when the customer asks about the product. You can take a look. Unless it is a very tight time for the customer, you will say to send a quotation to see. That should also be said before, I really apologize, I was going to introduce the product to you, this time I might let you see it for yourself. Let the customer feel that you are passing by her from time to time, let her feel the unrestrained feelings, and feel like a stream of iron. If time permits, it means that the customer has no needs, or customers who have no needs, we should also welcome them sincerely and enthusiastically. Who knows what position she is and what background she is; if she has no needs, how can we know that her husband has no needs? ; She has no need, how do you know that there is no one with a high professional title among her friends?


8. Don't act pretentiously in front of customers.

The one we came into contact with was a front desk clerk or a personnel specialist who sometimes asked very naive questions. At this time, please don't be self-righteous, thinking that we know everything and treating customers as fools. Many customers don't like the kind of triumphant salesperson who feels that they are smart. If the client is really wrong, be smart and let him know that other people often make the same mistakes. He is just making mistakes that most people make. Many people stick to the two rules of life at home: first, the wife is always right; second, even if the wife is wrong, follow the first rule. Outside, in the company, as long as you slightly modify the word, it is always right to become a customer. Even if the customer is wrong, it is our fault. I believe you are not only a "good new man", but also a good salesperson.

9. Pay attention to what customers say and understand what customers think.

Some customers have clear requirements for the products they want to buy. Pay attention to listening to the customer's requirements and meeting the needs of the customers will make the sales more smooth. On the contrary, if you blindly want to promote your own products, interrupt customers unreasonably, and chatter in the ears of customers, you will fail in all likelihood.


10. What kind of service you can provide to customers, please tell them and show them.

Customers not only hope to get your pre-sale service, but also hope that they can get good service after purchasing your product. Constant phone calls, holiday greetings, etc. will give customers a good feeling. If you promise your customers, don’t make excuses for delaying or failing to do things, such as gifts and whether they are sent out in time.

11. Don't slander others in front of customers.

Even if a competitor is bad in one way or another, don't slander others in front of your customers to promote yourself. This is very stupid and often makes customers rebellious. At the same time, don't talk bad about your company, complain about the company's various faults in front of customers, and customers will not rest assured that recruiting talents in a company that even their employees do not agree with.

12. Correctly understand people and their nature.

Understanding people and human nature can be simply summarized as-"identify people according to their nature", "identify people with your own body", instead of looking at others with your own eyes, let alone imposing your will on others. People are first of all interested in themselves, not in you! In other words-a person paying attention to oneself is better than paying attention to you ten thousand times. Realizing that "people first care about themselves, not you" is the key to life.


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