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Display is a visual expression method, which uses various props, combines fashion culture and product positioning, uses various display techniques to express the characteristics of the product.

The display should vary with the purpose of the display, the display method and the way of shopping. Reasonable merchandise display can play a role in displaying merchandise, enhancing brand image, creating brand atmosphere and improving brand sales.

 visual display.jpg

In many commercial exhibitions, how to make products and brands more eye-catching? As shown in the figure, the design of the brand is very representative and attractive. The display in the main aisle of the booth or in the area with good traffic is like staged a lifelike fairy tale, the goods are well displayed in it. The highlight is to design a storyline with conflicting events in the window to create a sense of topic.

corrugated visual merchandising.jpg

How to make the product stand out among the many exhibitors is a very interesting thing. Just like the brand's exhibition design, it is particularly eye-catching visually. It uses the design principle of triangle composition and the background board POP to design. The choice of color is cute and cute, and each product has its own small booth. , Has its own micro background. By displaying products at high and low levels, the products are displayed more intuitively to attract more people.

paper visual merchandising.jpgvisual display merchandising.jpg

This year, the national tide is very popular, the little yellow duck is also on the rise. I have to recommend the design creativity of this furnishing to everyone. Using the image of the Forbidden City IP co-branding and making it with ordinary advertising materials can reflect more interesting visual effects. Displaying the products in the atmosphere of the Forbidden City clearly expresses the marketing and selling points of the products!
visual marketing.jpg

In the excellent case shown in the figure, we can clearly see the designer's concept, full of the sense of fun and experience of our DIY assembled toys. The product is displayed and POP is combined with interesting graphics to highlight the IP image of the little yellow duck. Make this product display no longer boring and boring, and can deepen consumers' memory of the brand.
cardboard pop display.jpg

There are many ways of Meichen, which are often related to the positioning of the product and the brand itself. In the end, we still have to bring consumers a different visual experience and brand symbols.

The following furnishings attach great importance to the reflection of the home atmosphere, and no longer stop at the material and image of the product. It is to impress consumers in the spatial field of the use scene. For example, a combination of home flower art, candles, space atmosphere diagrams, etc., and products with a space theme atmosphere can often more impress consumers' shopping desire.
pop cardbpard visual merchandising.jpg

We have seen a lot of trendy decoration, cool and IN exhibition design, but will it suit us? For example, the following brand, the product is a single product, simple design, the main selling point is the material and functional experience. So shall we not make furnishings? actually not! Everyone should change this thinking.
pop cardbpard merchandising.jpg

Lastly, here are some key points of visual display merchandising:

1. Order to fight disorder
2. Make repeat arrays

Through ordered and repeated arrays can increase the visual impact of the product go deep into the minds of consumers to form product memories and brand memories.

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