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Guess Loading Weight, Get Luxury Gift Activity


WOW Invites You to Participate in the Guess Loading Weight, Get Luxury Gift Activity


The new year of 2022 is coming. In order to give back our loyal and new customers for their consistent support to WOW, we have specially organized this guess loading weight, get luxury gift activity. We sincerely invite customers domestic and abroad to participate.



1. Registration Time: From 0:00 on January 10, 2022 to 24:00 on January 20, 2022

2. Display Test Time: 10:00 on January 17, 2022


Participation Ways

Scan the QR code to follow WOW Display on YouTube or Tik Tok official account and comment below the corresponding pre-heating video to give the guess number.



1. Gold Medal: 3 winners, HD remote control drone or Chinese exquisite make-up gift box (choose one) + 50% sample discount coupon + 10% bulk order discount coupon

2. Silver Medal: 5 winners, luxury car aromatherapy set / high-fidelity blue-tooth speaker + 50% sample discount coupon + 8% bulk order discount coupon 

3. Bronze Medal: 12 winners, three-in-one multi-port data cable + 30% sample discount coupon + 5% bulk order discount coupon


Activity Details

WOW uploaded the video of the cardboard display shelf production process of this activity to YouTube and Tik Tok, launched a guessing activity on the final weight of the cardboard display shelf on the two platforms. Participants can comment a weight data, then WOW will daily update the video of increasing the load-bearing weight on the display shelf until it is damaged. The final load-bearing data will show at the end of the activity, participants who are closer to the final data will win and get gift from WOW.

1. Participate in the activity way MUST follow AND comment guessing number on WOW’s YouTube or Tik Tok. Each participant has only one opportunity to participate. But participants will get one more chance if repost WOW display rack test video before the deadline for registration of the activity (24:00 on January 20, 2022).


2. Sort by the numbers closest to the final test result, the closer to the gold medal, if the numbers are the same, the time shall prevail, the earlier the higher the priority;


3. The basic load-bearing capacity of the display rack will be given and a video will be taken at 10:00 on January 16, 2022, and the load-bearing capacity will be added randomly. This event only tests the load-bearing capacity of the top layer of the cardboard display shelf.


How to Receive Gift

Once activity closed, WOW will gather the information and contact winners after three working days, then announce the list of winners on the You Tube and Tik Tok public accounts.

1. All order discounts are limited to cardboard display stands;

2. All gifts are non-discountable, non-deductible, and non-transferable;

3. The gift will be sent with the ordered display products, all pictures on poster are for reference only;

4. Valid time for gift is half a year from the date of the announcement of the winners, and the gift & coupons will be invalid if it is not redeemed after the deadline.


Activity rules

1. A bulk order is defined as a single order with more than 100pcs;

2. The final interpretation right of this activity reserved Shenzhen WOW Packaging Display Co., Ltd.

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